Delta Spirit : a Rock-Americana blend

Americana and Rock lovers, here’s a band you should know about and will love for sure. Originally coming from the San Diego’s area but relocated in Brooklyn, NY in 2012, I want to introduce you to Delta Spirit. This band makes an amazing powerful blend of Folk, Country and Rock, subtly infused with electro-pop hints. As a result, their music is strongly catchy.

Delta Spirit Band

Delta Spirit is Matthew Vasquez (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Drums), Kelly Winrich (Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Drums, Vocals), William McLaren (Guitar, Vocals), Jonathan Jameson (Bass, Vocals), Brandon Young (Drums). Those guys have got a ten years career with Delta Spirit (except for McLaren who’s been part of the adventure since 2011) and it still continues with their latest album released in 2014 : Call Into The Wide.

But, even if it is a good record, it ain’t the one I want to focus on right now. Let’s stop in 2012 when they left the West Coast for Brooklyn. That year a new album of their own was released and like a molting, they start anew with this self-titled brand new CD. It is the Delta Spirit that caught our attention.

Delta Spirit

As soon as you start listening to it, it’ll never let you go away, always renewing your interest with eleven superb songs from quiet ambient harmonies to nervous and electric powerful moments. You loose yourself in their music from start to end, unable to miss any part. Is it the definition of a great album ? Maybe. At least we could agree with them when they say : “We found the sound that we've been looking for, that we've been growing into.” This record has the sound of maturity. Even though is something we did read and hear a lot about any artist’s work at some point, and frankly most of the time it’s a pointless expression, it’s got real meaning here.

Delta Spirit, the band and the album are truly one in this work. We strongly feel that unity. Something very clear is happening in the sound, the melodies, the vocals, the energy, the lyrics… Something like it was meant to be this way. When we listen to tracks like “Home” or “Yamaha”, we are drowning in some kind of an obvious awake dream with melodies looping like a mantra. But on the other hand, this record is made of a wide range of compositions, all really complex. Actually, the previous examples are more like pauses in a way more energetic work. Due to their ability to mix music genres, they can connect different atmospheres in one song, getting guitar distortions and keyboards to work together and then shifting the emotions. Everything is moving in this record. Like it’s said in “California”, an anthem to trip, you must move for yourself and not for anyone else. 

So, this record is a road trip. It’s a way to open your mind, to free it. Don't be shy, scream, run, jump, dream, and most importantly, enjoy the moment.

Their official website : deltaspirit.net

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