The amazing story of Doug Seegers

There’s a lot of different reasons to love a record. On top of everything, there's the quality of the music by itself. But a good story is always something that can change our way of looking at an artist and/or feel his music. Especially if it’s a good-ending Hollywood-style one. And that’s exactly what it is about now.
Let me introduce you to Mr Doug Seegers. Coming from New York, then gone to Austin, TX, this man was discovered by the musician Aaron Espe unexpectedly in 2012. The encounter was made on the street, down on the ground. Doug Seegers was playing on the floor like a lot of homeless/jobless guys in the world because that was his case too. The only difference is that not every street musician got his talent. A powerful thing thats was able to blow up Aaron’s mind at the first chord. Immediatly the street wanderer grabbed his phone and capture the moment on video. “Going Down To The River”, that was the title of the song which was available on YouTube a few hours later in a video called "Who is Doug Seegers?".
We'd like to imagine it was the starting point of a huge success but not exactly. At least, not at this time. The real twist came with a Swedish TV show run by two musicians : Jill Jonson and Magnus Carlson. They were in the USA to talk about American music and they also met Doug in the streets. Jill and Magnus felt in love for this lonesome guy playing such a soulful music. The magic of the moment is something inexplicable. As it is for the storming success of this Sweden show when it came to speak about Doug Seegers.
From the first broadcast, Swedish people run to their computers looking for the guy playing “Going Down To The River”. And here comes the crossroad. What do you think all those guys watched on YouTube? Yes, you’re right, Aaron’s video. From this moment Doug Seegers became quite famous on the web. Sweden was fond of Doug and America started to consider him.
That’s was the proper time to start a music career. The swedish label LionHeart, which also got Jill Johnson and Magnus Carlson in its catalog, decided not to miss the train and quickly signed Doug Seegers. And here we are, since May 2014, you can buy the awesome record obviously called Going Down To The River and understand why so many people have been seduce by his music. To explain it in a few words, I could say it’s all about simplicity, honesty and truth. Nothing too complex, just essential music and a great talent to drive it. It goes up and down in your spine instantly. A great record, no more, no less.

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