Baskery : Energy comes from wilderness

Good music comes from everywhere. Thus, I lead you to Sweden this time, with a band called Baskery. A sister trio with an impressive style : a rock’n’roll feeling put into an acoustic string band. Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson are skilled with a lot of instruments but their best assets are guitar, upright bass and percussions.

With that kind of tools we would imagine a bluegrass band or an old-time music crew. But, it’s way different. This acoustic sound doesn’t mean a girlish and springful music, maybe a bit boring. Actually, "energy" is probably the main word that comes to me when I think about Baskery.

Their music is rich and hard to define. You can call it the way you like : Banjo-Punk, Folk-Rock, traditional kickin’ music or whatever. The only thing that matters is how good it is. Between the nervosity of those girls, an electric guitar mixed with a rockin' banjo, and a melodic touch half from the acoustic sound and half from their hearts, they easily capture our brains. To speak frankly, I doubt we would struggle anyway. Their close voice harmonies also add a bit of a charming touch and softness over the global work.

Their third album is called Little Wild Life. They obviously picked the good name, because there’s wilderness in their voices, their music and their conviction to play. Like nature, it's strong, powerful, and captivating by the only force of its true beauty. It’s like looking at a storm and say to yourself : “wow, that’s impressive”. It might scare you but you can’t turn your eyes from its majesty. In the same way, Baskery is stunning and that’s what we like. They push us away from our comfort zone. This kind of music can always be renewed and that’s what we expected.

A new generation brings its own rules. They are no better nor baddest. They are necessary. Music is still living like a torrent and the raging sound you’re hearing is what is all about. The flow is strong and we’re up to follow it gracefully and joyfully.

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