Deborah Henrinksson : Traces to follow

This time, with Deborah Henrinksson, we’re going to change our horizon. She is a Sweden based folk singer with a deep Celtic hint in her, sometimes popish, songs. Thus, Traces, her latest and forth record, is a special piece. Strongly ethereal and infused with Celtic / Irish spirits, Deborah opens up a foggy mysterious place.
Like fairy tales, the ground and trees seem to carry a message and we feel surrounded by magical sounds which are like spells on us. Using piano, soft acoustic guitars in harmony with celtic pipes and drums, Deborah Henriksson is the narrator of a big mystical fascinating book. She talks mainly about love but in a smart way, elusively, like if she wasn’t truly doing it. She mostly pictures it with natural elements like snow, water, stars… Almost like if she were painting, subtly adding small touches of tenderness and emotion in our landscape.
Her voice is flying among this beautiful country, evocating some mermaid, faeric tunes. It might be strongly influenced by the Irish side of the music but we can enjoy a fantasy-like atmosphere all along the record. I invite you to listen to the amazing song “Fly” that is just one example, but quite representative, of the overall spirit of this record. "Trains", by the way, is also an other interesting song, more folkish and lightier. A good choice since it's been placed on the opening of the record. The catchy melody works perfectly well as an introduction for a work which is much deeper.

Then, if you enjoy getting lost in music, diving in a dream, you should follow the traces Deborah Henriksson has set for you. It’s gonna be a trip you’ll easily be obsessed with.

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