Sister Speak : Love as an anthem

In the rise of violence from many places in the world last week, a bit of peace, and amongst everything, love, is the thing I do think we need the most. Such simplicity in emotions and truth coming from the inside of ourselves is the material Folk, Americana and Country artists use to mold their worlds and, by doing so, reshape our by the way we feel it.

This time I’d introduce you to a young band from San Diego called Sister Speak. Lead by the Canadian singer and songwriter Sherri Anne, this quintet provides us a lovely Americana in its debut-album : Rise Up For Love. An anthem we would gladly follow with this work as an argument.
Sister Speak's Rise Up For Love
As you might expect, the compositions are made of guitars, both acoustic and electric, but not only. I should mention the beautiful rhythmic work by Lisa Viegas that embossed every part of the ten tracks subtly changing the feeling and power of the stories. Like an heartbeat full of passion or an errant soul drown in sorrow it seems to be the real core of the composition. On an other hand, interesting instruments are beautifully used to carve the sound in something quite haunting. Then, keyboards and organs are the key of the ghostly spirit of “Mirrors I”. Likewise, special percussion as cajon can hold our hand to lead us to another, sometimes unexpected, landscape.
Sherri Anne & Lisa Viegas
Sherri Anne & Lisa Viegas
But despite those technical points, Sister Speak’s music is a matter of feelings. There’s so many moments that irradiate by their beauty. A ballad such as “Say You Will” is just like falling in love. An increasing force that catches you from the the very start and let you hung up in the air, floating, dreaming. A state of mind in which every feeling, every subtle emotion is almost tangible. This screaming demand becomes an heart-to-heart connection. Like it says : “I can feel you, I can hear you”. It seems to be the simplest but the most obvious definition of love.

This album is very well-titled. It’s an optimistic vision of love, that you’ll find in it. It’s a sunshine, a magnificent dawn. It's a piece of beauty rising even from sorrows and tears, a freedom song rather than a regretful drama (”Goodby My Lover”). The message is quite simple : as long as you keep on walking on the long path we call life you’ll be able to find hope. And so, yes, I do feel joyful, stronger, full of hope and passion after listening to Sister Speak.

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